Turkish Flowers

Recently I had a vacation and had a great and very refreshing time in Turkey swimming in Mediterranean Sea. We didn`t travel much and resided in our hotel only. What was importan for me is to relax and clear my head from everyday routine. Thus I spent all 9 days lying at the beach of Mediterranean Sea, swimming, sipping cocktails at the hotel bars or walking around beautiful hotel parks in my recently sewn Summer Top. And thats were my curiousity and photographic urge was awaken.

The territory of our hotel was booming with versatile flora: pines and cedars, palms, bushes and, of course, FLOWERS.  All kinds of colors and teints, shapes and forms.

So there was nothing left for me but to take out my camera, set macro mode and strat taking pictures.

Below you can find some of the most prominent flowers I shot. Unfortunately I could only identify the names of first two flowers. Poppy and crown daisy respectively.

poppy flower yellow flower
rose violet flower

Please don`t judge my photographic skills very strictly and hope these shots will inspire you to create something beautiful.

Take care!




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