Top 3 DIY Tutorials of 2012

Well, it’s time to sum up the past year. The year 2012 was the the year when The Things We Do Blog was started. It was really nice to share our handmade projects with you. I do hope that you like them and plan to write about even more in the 2013. Here are the three tutorials that were the most popular onces.

1. Leather Cover for Kindle, iPad or your favourite book

Very simple, yet very nice leather cover with rubber strap for your e-reader or tablet can be made in only one day.

Leather Cover for Kindle Tutorial

2. DIY Mirror Key Holder

A great way to decorate your appartment with a vintage key rack and a mirror – 2 in 1.

3. DIY Wool iPad Sleeve

Create a bright and warm sleeve for an iPad.

Happy crafting in year 2013!

Your Lucy



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