Temari Baby Mobile


Temari (“hand ball” in Japanese) is an embroidered toy thread ball meant to amuse and entertain children. Today Japanese embroidered temari balls are given as tokens of good luck. My friend Nika recently has mastered the art of making Temari and has opened her own Etsy shop – Nika’s Temari.

I really enjoy the mesmerizing patterns of this beautiful folk art. These threaded balls can also make a nice baby mobile, I thought. Baby mobile is a great way to keep your little baby entertained while lying in the crib. This toy provides baby’s visual stimulation, fosters relaxing environment and keeps them entertained with lights and sound.

Usually Temari is made a size of a tennis ball with diameter about 3.5in, but I’ve asked Nika to create a small sized Temaris with engaging colourful patterns. So Nika made these four gorgeous threaded balls with 2in. diameter:

I have fixed them on a baby mobile holder I already had. And the temari baby mobile was ready to use.

That’s the final look of the Temari Baby Mobile.

I think the result of our cooperation with Nika was more than satisfying. The Temari balls look really nice and aside of its’ main functions they add an oriental fleur to the little Alice’s bedroom. She really enjoys staring at the balls and I think will try to touch them as soon as she’s able to.

Here are a few more pics of the beautiful Temaris made by my friend Nika.

If you wish to get your self a Temari to – go to Nika’s Etsy shop here https://www.etsy.com/shop/NikasTemari?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nikastemari/



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