Tattly: Temporary Tattoo Review


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I like the controversy of the “temporary tattoo” phrase! A Tattoo is something that stays with you for a lifetime, how can it be temporary? Yet, there’s lots of temporary tattoos nowadays. These bright temporary pictures is a great amusement for kids and an ideal chance for adults to decorate yourself for the occasion or the momentary mood.

The temporary tattoo designs were meant for kids until the Brooklyn based start up emerged on the market – Tattly. Tattly uses the designs made by professional artist from all over the world, thus offering a huge range of stylish temporary tattoos for all tastes and ages.

Here are few cool promo photos Tattly shares via social networks:

So, after about a year of following Tattly on Instagam, I’ve finally decided to try them out and ordered two lovely watercolor tattoos designed by Stina Persson (Sweden). I’ve made my order while being on vacation and found my tattlies in the post box upon my arrival back home. Here’s the list of what was inside:

1.Coral Butterflies‘ by Stina Persson

2. ‘Aqua Butterfliesby Stina Persson

3. Bonus tattlyLove to Learnby Sean Tulgetske (Thanks Tattly Team!)

4. Tattly on Amazon

Below are few photos of the envelope and its contents.

1. Coral Butterflies by Stina Persson

This one is my favorite. Great design, vivd colors. The color palette complements my wardrobe colors and fits my style. It is very easy to transfer the temporary tattoo on your skin using the wet wipe.

I’ve decided to place this tattly on my forearm. I like how the butterflies drew attention to my arms and shoulders, especially when I was wearing a loose dark blue tank top.

Here’s the comparison of how the tattoo looked like right after it was transferred to my arm and 4 days later. I must say that’s a lot for a temporary tattoo and I’m also pleased with the way it washes off. It simply becomes less and less bright until you decide to scrub it off.

2. Aqua Butterflies by Stina Persson

I like the size of this tattly and it’s square form. A great opportunity to test how the water color tattoo on my shoulder blade might look look like.

I’ve made one mistake while choosing the spot for the tattly and all my clothes would cover parts or almost all image 🙁 The photos below show that I’ve tried – racer back dress, low back tank top, cami top – nothing worked for the good picture.

3. Love to Learn by Sean Tulgetske

I’m not the big fan of the inscription and letters tattoos. And also I had doubts about the thin lines of this design. They are so thin, how long will they last? One hour? Two hours? Well, this one turned out to be the tattly that lasted longer than the others.

The place I chose for the ‘Love to Learn’ phrase was on my ribs. This part of body has much more contact with the clothes and makes the possibility of the tattoo to be swept off more likely. Yet, none of the lines scratched off or fell apart. This made me really happy. Below are two photos of the tattly on the first and the 6th day.


To round this all up – I’m officially in love with Tattly, with their business idea, the production and marketing. Tattlies are easy to transfer onto the body, they are made using vegetable-based ink and are non-toxic, which is also very important. And the huge amount of the designs available will leave no one upset.

So here are some links you might be interested in after reading this review:

Tattly website

Stina Persson website

FontFabric – source of free GUERILLA Font I used in the title image

Tattly on Amazon



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