St.Valentine’s Outfit Inspiration

St.Valentine’s Outfit Inspiration

Guest post by: stylist and fashion designer Veronika

Hi, everyone!

There’s another holiday looming and we have prepared some outfit inspiration for you.

St. Valentine’s Day is one the most controversial fests to my mind that divides the world into to parties – those with life partner/boyfriend/girlfriend etc and single people. Some say that nowadays the holiday is purely commercial boosting sales of sweets, jewellery all-that-stuff-with-hearts-on-it. But  to my mind everything depends on how you look at it. Why not see it as a great opportunity to tell the people around you that you love and cherish them, and prepare some special handmade gifts for them.

So whether you plan something romantic on 14th February or simply have a nice meet up with your friends, you can still bring a little of St.Valentine’s to your outfit.

1. Casual Dots

Combine  the red ( the color of love) pole-dot sweater with jeans and leopard print high heels boot to give your casual look a little something and impress your date on St.Valentine’s.

All you need is love


2. Floral Vintage Chic

If you wanna look like a real lady, choose a geometric wool dress with exclusive floral print on it, bobby brown hat and and high heeled brogues. We garantee you won’t stay unnoticed wearing this pretty look.


3. Shimmering Aerie Romance

Take an elegant chic dress and add some gold to it – golden sequins top and Dr.Martens boots. Such outfit so light and aerie that you will feel immediately that Love is in the air!

Love is in the air
Which of the outfits do you think fits you best? Let us know in the comments!
Have a lovely and charming St.Valentine’s Day and remember to tell your beloved ones about your feelings not only on 14th of February but whenever you feel like it!

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