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TheThingsWeDo Blog is a blog dedicated to handmade tutorials, craft ideas, illustration and photography. We also often post some free printables, desktop wallpapers and outfit inspirations.

If you are interested in a sponsored post or any other cooperation, please, contact us at blog.thethingswedo[at]gmail.com

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December 2015 Stats

Monthly Page Views: 23 375

Monthly Unique Visitors: 11 813

47 % of blog visitors are from the US and Canada

20 % – from Russia

5% from UK

28% – rest of the world

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January 2015 Stats

Monthly Page Views: 13,728

Monthly Unique Visitors: 10,456

82% of blog visitors are from the US

8% – from Canada

5% from UK

5% – rest of the world

December 2014 Stats

Monthly Page Views: 11,823

Monthly Unique Visitors: 10,182

91% of blog visitors are from the US

3,4% – from Canada

3% from UK

1,6% – rest of the world

November 2014 Stats

Monthly Page Views: 8,586

Monthly Unique Visitors: 7,375

64% of blog visitors are from the US

12% – from Canada

5% from UK

19% – rest of the world

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