Shamanic Forest

Hello, readers!

Yesterday I stumbled upon one of my pretty old sketches, which I planned to color but as usually forgot. Well, better late than never. Here I present you the shamanic forest. In many cultures the birds are considered to be the guides between our world and the Otherworld, who assist the passage of soul from it’s dead body. So, I guess they’re the usual inhabitants of the other world, at least temporarily. My friend Lucy says the picture looks somewhat menacing, but I find it quite peaceful at the moment.

As usual, the pencil sketch. It’s more comfortable for me to draw first on paper, scan it and then work on it using the tablet.

Hard Round Brush for the contours:

Adding basic colors:

Adding lights, shadows, tree ornaments and other effects. Don’t forget to work on separate layers. Later it saves a lot of time and effords if you choose to correct something. And here’s the final version:

Have a nice day everyone.



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