Red Half Moon Nails

I have seen lots of half moon manicure variations lately. The idea of such manicure is that the crescent part of the nail bed is left bare or otherwise highlighted with a vibrant color. This manicure is actually vintage and is often worn by burlesque performer Dita Von Teese.

I love the idea of painting the nail’s half moon part with bright nail polish! In this way you can add a bit of bright light to your look, and at the same time avoid drawing too much attention to your hands. Such nail design can be worn at work and on special occasions, St. Valentine’s Day, for example.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a red half moon nail design at home.


1. Base and top coat

2. Red nail polish ( or any other tint of red: coral, ruby, crimson, burgundy etc.)

3. French manicure stickers


 Step  1. Paint your nails with base coat and after it is completely dry place the french manicure stickers above the nail bed.

Step  2. Paint the nail bed with the red nail polish. Remove the sticker carefully to reveal the crescent form.

Step  3. Wait for the nail polish to dry and cover the whole nail with the top coat.

And you’re done!



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