Pink Leather Cards Case

Last weekend I thought of making a simple and very  quick project I’ve been thinking over for a couple of weeks. The project was inspired by the Leather Cover Tutorial. I used the small piece of pink leather and the yellow elastic to make a handmade cards case. Here’s what you will need:


– Piece of leather
– Paper knife
– Elastic of two types
– Piece of cardboard
– Xtra strong glue
– Paper clip

Step. 1 Print the pattern
Step. 2 Cut out the piece of leather according to pattern.
Step. 3  Fold the leather piece by the line marked at the pattern and make a small hole with a needle or sharp stick.
Step. 4 Cut the elastic string. You will need a length around 9 cm/3.5″. Then fold it in half and punch through the hole from the reverse side. Make sure that the loop is not too long and tie a knot.
Step. 5 Now fold the part which will serve as the inner pocket and use the Xtra strong glue to keep both sides together. I also used the paper clips to keep the sides from unfolding.
Step. 6 Check the instructions of your glue to find out the waiting time for the glue to fix. Only after this time has passes – remove the paper clips.
Done! Use the leather card holder for your reward cards, business cards or credit cards. The leather will secure them from folds and scratches.



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