Oversized No Sew Workout Top

It is very easy to turn an oversize mens t-shirt into a comfy workout or yoga top. I’ve made some t-shirts from XXL tees before, – check out Easy t-shirt makeover and Fabric markers t-shirt makeover for more details. This time, I have decided to make a top with open back to keep me cool during my yoga class. This project doesn’t require and sewing skills, si mply cut and wear.


– Oversize t-shirt

– Scissors

I bought large men’s t-shirt  with a beautiful wolf head illustration on sale. Here’s how it looked like before the makeover.


Step 1. Cut off the sleeve hems and the neckline. I wanted to get the breezy and loose neckline, so I cut from one shoulder seam to another. If you’re not the fan of such loose fit, simply cut the neckline a little higher.

Step 2. Fold the back of the t-shirt in half, so that the side seams face each other. Cut the rectangular triangle as shown on the picture. Make sure to step 1 or 1.5 inches down from the hem. After you cut the triangle, this will form the back stripe. If it is too narrow, it may stretch too much.

That’s it! You’re done!

Check out how my my yoga top looks like now from the front and the back:

 Tip: The back srtipe may stretch too much with the time, so you can reduce its length by tying a knot in the middle (see photos below).

Happy crafting. Feel free to share your projects based on this tutorial in the comments. Would love to see them!



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