Oversize Skater Dress Makeover


I really like skater dresses because I find them really flattering for my figure. So when I found a grey midi skater dress by Atmosphere on sale the fact the the dress is four sizes bigger than mine couldn’t stop me. I bought it and started thinking how to make it wearable.

The skirt of the dress was gathered and didn’t look too big on me. But the t-shirt top of the dress was way too big. I’ve decided to refashion it to the fitted tank top. And here’s how I did it:

Step 1. Rip off the sleeves of the top.

Step 2. Put your favorite and the most flattering tank top over the upper part of the dress and trace it’s shape.

Step 3. Hand stitch at first and then straight stitch the sides of the top according to the marks you’ve made ( see photo below).

Step 4. Hem the armholes.

Voila! Instead of the bulky oversize dress you have a flowing tank top dress. Yes, it’s THAT simple! 🙂

Here’s when my close relationship with this dress have started. It’s so-o-o-oo comfy and feminine at the same time! One can wear it with casual sneakers or style a nice party look with high heels and red lips. This skater dress is practically universal!

I even took it with me on our mountain trip and gave it  a mini photo shoot with the stunning mount view.

I wish you to find your perfect oversize dress on sale and refashion it to fit your figure and style! Cheers!



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