Ombre Pocket T-shirt


Recently I’ve been cleaning up my closet and found a plain blue men’s pocket t-shirt, which my husband got as a present some time ago. He said I can recycle it if I like. Well, I had one project in my mind I’ve been meaning to do and increase my t-shirt recycling portfolio 🙂

What I wanted to do is to add a unique detail and namely the bright pocket. I had an ombre cotton in my stash to match the t-shirt colour and decided to use it for this tutorial. So here’s what you gonna need:

– ombre cotton fabric

– scissors

– sewing machine

Step 1. The t-shirt I’ve recycled initially had the front pocket, so I used it as a pocket template and cut the square of the similar shape from ombre cotton adding 1in/2cm seam allowances.

Step 2. Fold and iron press the 1in/2cm seam allowance.

Step 3. Straight sew the top edge of the pocket template stepping away about 1/2in (1cm).

Step 4. Choose a place for your pocket. Wear a t-shirt in front of a mirror and choose the best spot. Then carefully pin the pocket to the t-shirt at the chosen place.

Step 5. (optional) Before sewing the pocket with the sewing machine, I have hand stitched it to the t-shirt, to be 100% sure that it won’t run off during stitching.

Step 6. Straight stitch the pocket to the t-shirt and wear it proudly!

What I like about this tutorial is that it is rather quick and that I get to use my ombre cotton. I really satisfied with the way it turned out and how the light shibori colored fabric pocket contrasts the dark blue plain t-shirt.

And here are some photos of how the pocket t-shirt looks like while wearing



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