March 2013 | Free Printable Calendar


Here’s a next edition of our free printable calendar for March 2013. This time I waas inspired by a wartime propaganda poster “We Can Do It!” designed by Howard J. Miller that depicts a strong and confident lady.

There is no doubt that women can do anything – fly to space, climb the highest mountains and craft practically anything. The ability to re-think, repurpose remake is in our nature. We can make dresses out of old t-shirts, umbrellas out of paperbags, we can knit beautiful shawls and sew evening gowns, we can create exquisite jewellery and make posh home decoration out of nothing.

So you agree with that, print out this March 2013 “We Can Craft It!” calendar:

We Can Craft It!  Free Printable Calendar for March 2013

Click on the image to view and save the calendar full size ( A4  format ) and print it on a heavy weight paper. And, of course, you can cut out the part with numbers, frame the  illustration and use it as an inspirational poster at your work place! 

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