Lampwork Beads Earrings

I always buy beautiful and unusual beads and stash them for the future DIY ideas. One of the most beautiful type of beads is a lampwork bead. Lampwork beads are glass beads made in a torch and they all look really beautiful.

So here is a quick tutorial how to make yourself a pair of artisian lampwork beads earrings in 15 minutes.


– 2 Lampwork Beads
– Bead Caps
– Head Pins
– Ear Hooks
– Round Nose Pliers
– Wire Cutter

Step 1.  Thread  the bead cap on the bead. the Lamwork beads are not always symmetrical, so you will need to define which side of the bead will be at the top of the earring and which will be at the bottom.

Step 2. Put a head pin through the head cap and the bead.

Step 3. Bend the head pin at the 90 degree angle and make a loop using the nose pliers.

Step 4. Slide the ear hook on the wire at the place of the loop . Cut the extrawire with wire cutter and close the loop firmly.

The cute earrings are ready! Check out some more photos of them:



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