Inspiration: April

What does an artist need to be inspired? Nine times out of ten it’s a trip to a new place, an exciting book, a company of like-minded friends or an interesting movie. But sometimes it’s enough to open the door,  step outside and immerse the spring. ( I can’t say the same about March in our city, it’s more like tiresome and grey extension of winter.)

April is visually a very rich month – the contrast of dark, naked trees and bright, almost radiant, light green grass; light gauze, that makes the horizont appear even more beautiful; various multicoloured blossom and tiny green leaves.  I find this month a perfect time for photographing nature. The sun is yet not so blazing and all the city greenery is still fresh and clean, untouched by traffic fumes and dust. I try to take my camera as often as I can to my everyday stroll and spend some time taking pictures while my baby is asleep in the stroller.

Images below illustrate several tips and tricks that will help you to take better photos of the beginning of spring.

Images 1-3  It always pays to take a 50mm lense if you plan to focus on individual flowers or branches, I use Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AF and can’t complain. Just remember to use wide apperture to get a blurred background and shorter shutter speed to compensate the abundance of sunlight.

Images 4,6  The best camera angle is not always on the same level with your eyes – don’t be afraid to kneel or even lie down, sometimes the best shots are at the ground level.

Image 5 Use spring cityscape to the fullest – the juxtoposition of rugged city architecture, blue skies and trees in delicate green veil always look good.

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