Infinity Scarf Tutorial

An infinity scarf is a loop of material that incorporates a half-twist along its length and thus has only one surface, and only one edge.

One can wrap an infinity scarf around for a cowl-neck effect or simply drape it around for a more dramatic touch. Loop scarves became extemely popular fashion accessory, that is why I have decided to make one too.
What you will need to sew your own Infinity scarf:

-1.6 yard (140 cm) wool or jersey fabric

– sewing machine

– thread, needle, pins

– scissors

– ruler  or tape-measure

Step 1. Cut out a rectangle from the piece of your fabric. I chose the length of 54” (140 cm), but you can cut a longer rectangle and adjust the length later. For my version of infinity scarf I used the 23” (60cm) width.

 Infinity scarf tutorial_materials
Step.1 Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Step 2. Fold your fabric in half length wise, with the right sides facing each other inside. Line up the edges of the fabric and pin the longer sides together.

 Infinity scarf tutorial_Step 1
Step.2 Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Step 3.  Sew together the long side of the fabric, leaving a 1/2″ (1.5 cm) seam. Remove the pins.

Infinity scarf tutorial_Step 2
Step.3 Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Step 4. Turn your scarf right side out and make sure it isn’t twisted. Fold it in half and line up the raw edges of the ends.  Start pinning them together from two pieces facing each other (see below). Go on pinning all the way round to the other edge, keeping right sides together .

Infinity scarf tutorial_Step 4
Step.4 Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Step 5. Sew together the edges with a 1/2″ (1.5 cm) seam.  Do not sew together  the last 4” (10cm) of the scarf. Remove the pins.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial_Step_5
Step.5 Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Step 6. Flip the right sides out and tuck the raw ends into the scarf (see below). All you need to do is to hand stitch the ends with a secret saw.

Step.6 Infinity Scarf Tutorial


Infinity scarf tutorial_thumbnail

And here are the instructions on how one can wear this great accessory.




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