How You Know It’s Time To Clean Out Your Closet

How You Know It's Time To Clean Out Your Closet

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We all need to clean out our closets every now and then, no matter how difficult it may be to get rid of the clothes we once used to wear obsessively. If you have decided that it is time to give your current wardrobe a makeover and buy brand new clothes, here are several pointers that will help you decide which clothes to keep and which ones should be donated or thrown away, if they are no longer wearable.

Your Clothes Started To Smell Odd

Regardless of how thoroughly you wash them or how much detergent you use, old clothes simply have a distinctive smell that you cannot remove. Some materials are more likely to retain unpleasant odors than others – and when they do, it is important to remove them from your closet as they will no do you justice. Some clothes smell of food, others of mold, or even of body odor!

They No Longer Send The Message You Want Them To

We have all gone through different periods in our lives – as the years pass, our bodies slowly start to change, and so do our views and mentalities. For instance, the chances are that you will no longer wear the same revealing clothes that you used to in your 20s: we all rely on the ever-changing fashion industry to help us send a wealth of unspoken messages about who we are and what we want from others. As we grow old, our preferences change and we start experimenting with different clothing styles, and that is a perfectly normal thing. If you feel that your clothes no longer help you express yourself the way you want to, then perhaps it’s time to clean up your closet and replace them with brand new ones!

Your Clothes No Longer Fit You

This is a given – if your clothes no longer fit you, then there is absolutely no point in keeping them. I love how Elle stated this reason in it’s 10 SIGNS YOUR WARDROBE NEEDS A COMPLETE OVERHAUL as:”The last piece of clothing you bought could fit your niece” ))))  If you feel that your body shape has changed, be it for better or for worse, then you should get new clothes that fit you better. Never underestimate the power of a well-fitting new dress! Make some room for new ones and donate them to somebody who truly needs them.

You Haven’t Worn That Item In Several Years

We all have clothing items that we haven’t worn at all over the past 12 months – and the chances are that we will not wear them in the near future, so why keep them? We all know the saying that “fashion fades, but style is eternal”, however, some clothes are seasonal and they may no longer flatter you after several years.

Your Current Wardrobe No Longer Boosts Your Confidence

Last, but not least, if your current wardrobe no longer gives you a confidence boost when you go out, then it’s time to invest in some new clothes that will make your self-esteem go through the roof!

So here you go. You have got rid of half of what you kept in the closet. Will you miss it? Maybe, but I promise you it will not be often. Now you have a chance to go on a spending spree. But wait! One more piece of advice. This can be costly, so unless you have money to burn, take a little time first and make plans. If you have decided to invest in a new wardrobe, then you must do it wisely. First of all, try choosing items you can wear in many different ways, like Clarks Desert boots or an Infinity Scarf. Secondly, why not take time to look for online coupons before you order clothes from your favorite online retailer? Visit DiscounTrue and you may be surprised to see that you can save up to 30% or even more on the final price of the product, thus allowing you to buy more clothes than you have planned, without exceeding your initial budget!

So, happy wardrobe cleaning guys!



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