How To Wear Clarks Desert Boots for Moms

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Now it’s been almost two years since I am the happy owner of red leather Clarks Women’s Desert Boot and I think they deserve another review.

I wore them quite a lot during the past years, mostly on early spring and in fall seasons. What I like most about these shoes is that they became more cool with time. The color of the leather wore off a bit, the shoe became more soft and long distance walking friendly. There are only two negative things I can think of from the perspective of being a mom:

–  the boots are not waterproof, and moms have to walk a lot notwithstanding the weather ( rain and showers as well )

– it’s hard to take them off with the baby in your hands. It’s an exercise for a bendy person with a great sense of balance. If it’s not about you, don’t even try performing that.

Besides that, these boots make up an essential part of a stylish mom’s wardrobe.

Here are few photos of the shoes in their current state:

Now being a mom I had to adjust my style to the new life conditions, such as a lot of walking on fresh air, high risk of getting dirty etc. That is why I thought I might come up with a few styling advice for moms. So that they can feel yourself nice and confident yet comfy and warm at the playground, with the buggy in the park or anywhere else. So here’s an addition to the How to wear Clarks Desert Boots post. This time my sister Mary did a little shooting for me in the lovely autumn forest in the neighborhood.

1. Boyfriend Jeans

Loose and comfy fit of these jeans makes them #1 choice for busy moms. Boyfriends look great with clarks desert boots. You can additionally style the look with a sweatshirt for a relaxed look. In case you are looking to add more sophistication – wear something feminine on the top –  lace top ( as suggested in my previous post ), silk blouse or a transparent tank.

2. Khakis

I think khakis is a very casual wear, perfect for a walk with a baby and a stroll across the city center. I usually wear them with loose jersey tops or a jeans shirt.

3. Midi skater dress

Special attention should be given to the skater dress. After the pregnancy times I became a true fan of skater dress. They are perfect to hide your bump, loose enough for a mom to hide some body imperfections after the child’s birth and still it gives you a sense of being a women, not a person wrapper up in a bulky sports suit. This is my favorite look with Clarks desert boots.

4. Maxi tank dress

Clarks desert boots look great with a flowing jersey maxi dress. I usually wear it with a striped top and red textile necklace (tutorial can be found here ).

5. Skinny jeans

Wearing Clarks desert boots with skinny jeans is one of the most obvious options. You can roll them up a bit (as I did) to show off your wonderful footwear or simply cover the top of the shoe with the jean. Vibrant red bulky knit cardigan will keep you warm during the long strolls and will cover up your extra weight ( if any).

Thanks for your attention! Happy outfitting!



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