How to Wear Clarks Desert Boot for Women

Do you remember my post about Burgundy shoes?

They were really in this fall. I noticed this tendency due to my liking of Red Oak Clarks Desert Boots. Right now I’m the lucky owner of a pair of these cool boots and can’t wait for spring to come. So while I’m wainting for the snow to come off I’ve been thinking of the ways I can implement desert boots to my style. In fact, desert boots are orginally mens boots designed by Nathan Clarks in 1950-ies, who in his turn was inspired by army boots worn by soldiers in African countries.

So how can a girl wear the Clarks Desert Boot? How should one combine these masculine shoes with women’s clothes? Here are some options, I thought of:


1. Boyfriend Jeans + Biker Jacket + Lace Top

How To Wear Clarks Desert Boots for Women


 2. Chiffon Dotted Dress + Orange Tights + Golden Jewellery

How To Wear Clarks Desert Boots for Women
 3. Chinos + Denim Shirt + Bow Tie 
How To Wear Clarks Desert Boot for Women
Clarks Desert Boot is the secret ingridient for all of these lovely outfit ideas. Depending on how you add these footwear to your wardrobe, you can be romantic, feminine, rocky and preppy. It’s all up to you.
Well, as for me – I’m looking forward to try out all of these outfits with my new Red Oak Clarks Desert Boot.
Happy outfitting, everyone!
p.s. Check out my new post How to wear Clarks Women’s Desert Boots for Moms with live photos.



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