How To Store Your Photo Memories


In our digital age we store all our memories online or on our PCs and rarely print them. For example, the photos from my honeymoon were kept in my Instagram account for more than a year. But what if something happens with Instagram servers? Or how can I show these pics to my children? So I came up with the idea to print the pics.

The selection of printing options was wast, starting from stickers and magnets and ending with smartphone cases and large canvas posters. But I’ve took the old fashion path and arranged my photo memories into a photo album. After some research I found a service that prints your Instagram pics into a 6x6in (15x15cm) instabooks – GramofonUA.

You can use a very simple and user friendly online editor to arrange your photos into a 12-spread photo album with various page layouts allowing you to staff your album with up to 432 pics.

Also, I loved the feature that you can upload other user’s pics (if the profile is not private, of course ). This can come in handy when you want to add photos you are tagged in or if you’re making a gift for a friend.

So after finishing my order I waited eagerly for 1,5 weeks and finally got my hands on a square book with sweet memories from our trip to the seaside right after our wedding. The instabook comes packed into a cardboard box with the service logo on it. Very stylish as for me.

And here’s how the photo book itself looks like:

The photos are printed on a thick matte photo paper and are of a very good quality. I’m really glad I finally gathered our honeymoon pics into a book. Now baby Anna can thumb through our memories as well.

And few more photos of the book:




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