How To Make Your Legs Look Longer

How To Make Your Legs Look Longer

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Every woman dreams of purchasing the right outfits, clothes that make her legs seem as if they just won’t quit. But you do not have to resemble an amazon gazelle to make this dream a reality! Even if you have a petite frame, you can follow this simple guide and make your legs appear to be much longer. Read on to learn more about how to cheat your way into the look you’ve always craved!

High Waist Skirts and Pants

You can save money on high waist skirts and pants with the use of Overstock coupons from such websites as, which will allow you to enjoy the silhouette you wanted to achieve in the process! These types of clothes essentially work as an optical illusion, fooling the eye into thinking that the legs are longer. If you would like to give the impression that your legs begin where your waist does, high waist skirts and pants that are worn just above the natural waist work wonders.

Choose The Right Shoes

As if you needed another reason to go shoe shopping, right? If you are going to be wearing a dress or skirt, then you will want to select a nude pair of shoes, one that works well with your particular skin tone. By creating a leg line that is not interrupted you will achieve a lengthening effect. If you are wearing trousers or tights, be sure to choose your footwear thoroughly as well. For example, my favorite Clarks desert boots.

Vertical Patterns

By adding vertical patterns to your outfit, you are drawing in the eyes of onlookers and causing them to move in an up and down motion. This is a neat optical trick that will give your legs added length. To best create this effect, wear bottoms that have vertical patterns or piping. Vertical creases and straight creases have also been known to create similar effects.

Pay Close Attention To Skirt and Dress Length

For petites who are trying to make their legs look longer, choosing the proper lengths of dresses and skirts is crucial. While a smaller woman can work with a variety of different options (especially while wearing heels), it is important to never let the hemline of your dress or skirt hit your calves. When you allow it, it will draw attention to the thickest area of the leg and create a stumpy look.

Jackets and Tops

The manner in which you wear your tops and jackets goes a long way towards making your legs look even lengthier! Avoid long tops, since these make your torso look elongated and give your legs an even shorter appearance. Wear a shorter top and tuck it into your trousers to help reverse this optical illusion. Wearing cropped jackets will also help immensely!

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