Happy Holidays Postcard. Free Printable


Christmas has passed but the New Year Eve is soon to come. We have created a free printable holiday postcard, which can be used for Christmas as well as for any other winter holiday. The postcard shows the girl in the sweater sitting with her cat by the frozen window.

This postcard is made from the hand drawn sketch and painted in image processing program.

Here is how the process looked like and the general steps it took to creat such a lovely and warm winter holidays postcard.

1. First part is sketching, as usual. Using hard round brush.

Happy Holidays Free Printable
2. Adding basic colors. New layer for each part.

Happy Holidays Free Printable
3. Adding more shades and shadows to give more volume to the picture.

Happy Holidays Free Printables
4. On the new layer I used dark-to-light blue Gradient. In the Layer options I pick Hard Light blending option and then play with opacity (here it’s 17% for the needed result).

Happy Holidays Free Printable
5. Next step is to add texture for a sweater. I added the pattern on the new layer and used the blending option – Overlay and then again played with opacity.

Happy Holidays Free Printable

6. For frost patterns I use Spatter brush, varying size and opacity.

7. And here’s the final version of the postcard.

Click on the image to view the full size version and download the picture.

Happy Holidays everyone.



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