Free Printable Bird Mask by Anjora Noronha


Recently, I’ve been invited to join Lomomatrix event. To be short, it’s a get together of film photography funs, who sit in circle and shoot a person in the middle who jumps in a Matrix-kind-of-way.  So the nice and effective jump was the key to success. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a jumper, so I thought I might use some bright accessories to stand out. After some thought and discussions with friends I was sure that I need to make a paper mask. I googled for some time and found this outstanding bird mask template.

The bird mask was designed by Anjora Noronha Wildlife Week 2013 at Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary (Arunachal Pradesh, India). Sadly, I could only find the website of the artist and no contact details.

So let’s take a closer look at the mask template. It consists of the mask template itself, a beak template and a number of colorful feathers of various shape and size.

And here is where the magic starts. Because you can adjust the feathers in any way you like, which makes each mask unique.

Here are few examples from the artist’s website:

I’ve made two variations, one for my niece and the second for the tutorial.

The steps to create this DIY bird mask are quite simple:

Step 1. Cut out the base of the mask, the beak and the feathers

Step 2. Adjust and glue the feathers on the mask. Glue the beak part to the base of the mask.

Step 3. Cut a piece of elastic – use the head diameter of the person your are making the mask for. Bend the base of the mask in half and thread the elastic through as shown at the photo. Glue the insides of the mask.




And here is the mask I’ve made for my little niece. She was fascinated with it and spent a lot of time pretending to be a giant bird.


I think this template can be a great addition to the thematic kids party or become a key detail of the Halloween bird costume. And you’d like to use it for an adult I would suggest to scale the template while printing to 110-115%.

Enjoy this free pattern made by Anjora Noronha



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