Fishnet Shawl with Braids | Free Pattern

I’m a big fan of a fishnet pattern, cause it is really easy and quick to stitch. It resembles a net used to catch fish and has large gaps in the pattern, which makes it look like lace. You can always use this pattern to knit a quick gift to your friends and family.

I personally like making shawls with this pattern. Here’s one of them – a melange fishnet shawl with braids.

Start knitting the shawl from the few stitches and then increase it by two stitches every second row you will get the size you need.


– 2 Skeins of Acrylic BulkYarn ( 1 Skein = 100 gramms )

– US #8 circular needles (Metric Size 5 )

– Crochet hook

The pattern is really flexible, feel free to create your unique shawl using this method by choosing the yarn and needle size you like most.

Finished Size: 45 in (155 cm) across top edge, 24 in (60 cm) from center back to bottom point.

Length of braids is 8 in ( 20 cm )


K = Knit

P = Purl

YO = Yarn Over

K2TOG = Knit Two Together

WS = Wrong Side


Cast on 10 stitches

NOTE: 1st and last stitch form the edge of the knitting and therefore are not taken into account.

Row 1: P till the end of row

Row 2: K1, YO, *K2TG YO* K2, YO *K2TG YO* K1

Row 3 and all odd rows: P till the end of row

Row 4: YO *K2TG YO*  K2, YO  *K2TG YO*

Repeat Rows 1-4 to create a pattern

Bind off all stitches. Weave in ends.

Nota Bene! In this pattern to middle Knit stitches ( initially stitches number 5 and 6 ) serve as a decorative middle of the work. So you will have to knit the pattern surronded by * untill you reach this middle stitches and after.

For example, let’s compare Row2 and Row 8.

Row 2 consists of 10 stitches, which leaves only two stitches from each side of the middle of the work for the pattern *K2TG YO*

Row 2: K1, YO, *K2TG YO* K2, YO *K2TG YO* K1

While Row 8 consists of 22 stitches already, therefore there are 8 stitches left from each side of middle stitches and one needs to repeat  *K2TG YO* 4 times.

Row 8: K1, YO, *K2TG YO, K2TG YO, K2TG YO, K2TG YO* K2, YO *K2TG YO, K2TG YO, K2TG YO, K2TG YO* K1


1. Cut 18,5 in (44 cm) lengths of yarn – three for each braid.

2. Double three strands.

3. Insert crochet hook in one edge of the loop at the end of the shawl.

4. Hook the fold of the strands and pull a loop through.

5. Pull the ends through the threads loop. Pull the ends gently to tighten the knot.

6. Divide the threads into three parts and do the braid.

7. Tie another knot at the end of the braid. Repeat from the other side.

You are done!


UPDATE: I have added the printable instructions for this pattern. Feel free to use them!


The best thing about this shawl is that it can be a great helper during changeable weather. It is warm enought to keep the cold away and the holes in it will keep you fresh if the sun suddenly appears. For example, I was really happy I took this shawl to our trip to Sweden.

Well, and of course, our cat loves the fishnet melange shawl too 🙂




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11 Responses

  1. Melodie says:

    love the pattern. question, I’m stuck on row 2. there is an extra stitch on each side. how did you account for this? I have counted and recounted and keep coming up with extra stitches. I have the 10 cast on and purled. Thank you for posting it and your time.

    • Lucy says:

      Hello Melodie!
      Thanks for your comment and sorry for taking it so long to reply.
      Usually the first stitch is not bring knitted, it is simply transferred to the right needle and forms the edge of your work. Same with the last stitch, it is used to firm the edge of the work and is not included into pattern. I usually knit it.
      Hope this helps!

      Cheers, Lucy

  2. Debrah says:

    This looks like the pattern for a light and airy shawl for which I have been searching…still…I have gone from 10 stitches to 76 stitches into the pattern…and increasing by two stitches eac RS row does not appear to give the result that is shown in the picture in which the model has raised her arms and the shawl into a wingspan, so to speak…MY QUESTION…

    Is this pattern top-down, which I thought it was based on that picture?

    • Lucy says:

      Hello Debrah!
      Actually, the increase is 4 stitches in each RS row – each YO creates a new stitch and there are 4 YO – 1 at the beginning of the row, 2 YO’s in the midddle and 1 in the end of the row.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I cannot find a way to print this pattern and I would very much like to do this. Can you help me? When I select print preview, I get some blog pages (no pattern) and several blank pages show in the preview.

  4. TINA VOLETTO says:

    I love the pattern

  5. mARSHA Lane says:

    cannot print instructions for multi stitch baby blanket Can you please e mail it to me. Thanks

  6. Marsha Traub says:

    Lucy!!! Thank you for the mention with what to do with the first and last stitch!!! I’m taking this to work on while I have dialysis…looks like it will be a quick knit for Christmas presents! Thank you so much for a pattern I don’t have to check off each and every row!

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