Felt Heart | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Really simple and quick idea to create a Valentine’s Day mood around your dwelling or workplace. A cute felt heart is really easy to make and it can serve as a great gift for someone who is dear to you.


– Felt of 2 colours

– Embroidery thread

– Felt Heart Pattern template – free download here.

– Scissors

– Ribbon

– Some cotton or other type of stuffing

Step 1 Cut out heart shape according to pattern – two big hearts and two small hearts

Step 2  Stitch the smaller heart into the middle of the big heart with a straight stitch*.

Step 3 Cut  approx. 8in ( 20 cm ) of ribbon. Tie a knot at one of the ends of the ribbon.

Step 4 Start stitching the two big hearts together with a blanket stitch** . At the place marked at the pattern tuck the knotted ribbon between heart pieces so that it is also fixed.  Leave some space open for stuffing, as marked at the pattern.

Step 5 Stuff the heart figure with cotton and stitch it shut.

There you are, your cute Valentine’s Day heart is ready.


*Straight Stitch is great for attaching the small applique piece to a larger one. This is one of the basic stitches.

**Blanket stitch is usually used to reinforce the edge of a material or to stitch two edges together, like in our case.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day Everyone! <3



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