FCUK Wooden Letters Necklace

Some time ago I found very cute wooden letters in the beads shop. ‘Name necklace!’ came to my mind immediately andĀ I’ve started searching for suitable letter combinations. Unfortunately, no letters making up my name or any of my friends or family were found šŸ™ So I ended up with these letters:

FCUK is an abbreviation for British brand French Connection United Kingdom which isĀ notorious for using this acronym in bold and sometimes scandalous ad campaigns.


The necklace containing this acronym should also be daringĀ yet wearable. Here’s what I came up with:


  • jewelry rings
  • Ā thin metal chain – Ā 52 cm/ 20in
  • massive metal chain – 62cm/ 24in
  • wooden letters beads
  • ribbon
  • jewelry plier

Step 1Ā (optional):Ā I was not satisfied with the color of two letters, so I decided to repaint them. I used an acrylic marimeco paint. It was used to paint wall hooks in my Mirror Key Holder tutorial

Step 2 Attach jewelry rings to each letter and then attach the letters in the middle of the massiveĀ chain at even distance.

Step 3Ā Stretch out the thin chain along the massive chain and interconnect them using jewelry rings as shown at the photo below.


Step 4 Connect the ends of the thin chain to the massive chain ( which is a bit longer) in such way that both chains wouldn’t sag down

Step 5 Take 15 cm/6in of ribbon, bend it in the middle and tie a knot at the jewelry ring from one of the ends. Now you can thread one end of the ribbon through the jewelry ring at another end and tie a nice bow tie.

Thats it. I really enjoy how the necklace turned out. Of course instead of provocative ‘fcuk’ letters you can choose any short word or name you like, eg. LOVE, ANNA, CUTE, HELLO etc It’s up to your imagination.



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