DIY Wool iPad Sleeve


Are you looking for a quick and lovely holiday gift idea? Here’s one for you a wool iPad, Kindle or Tablet PC sleeve. This great accessory suits both men and women, children and grandparents. The cover or sleeve protects the device from scratches, chips and other damage.


– thick wool felt

– velcro tape

– scissors

– wool thread of contrasting color

 Step 1. First of all you need to measure your gadget to calculate your pattern.

To do so you will need this simple formula:

rectangle height = gadget height x 2,3

rectangle width = gadget width + 2 in

Here are the parameters for iPad:

Height: 9.50 inches (241.2 mm); Width: 7.31 inches(185.7 mm); Depth: 0.37 inch (9.4 mm);

Let’s apply it to our formula:

9.5 x 2.3 = 21.85 inches 

7.31 + 2 = 9.31 inches

Here you go – you need to cut from your felt a rectangle of such size: 21.85 x 9.31.

Step 2. Fold the rectangle on the longest side leaving about 3 inches for a flap.

Step 3. Sew together the two sides of the rectangle with the thick zigzag stich to make it hold better.

Step 4. Sew the piece of velcro tape at the backside of the flap and the front of the rectangle as shown at the picture.

DIY Wool iPad Sleeve



At this point your basic case for iPad or Kindle is ready and it is up to you to decide how to embelish it: you can sew some buttons, add lace or embroidery. Using different decoration for your handmade felt case can help personalize the gift and to satisfy even the most choosy ones.

Step 6. Sew a  chain ( or tambour ) stitch at the front side of the sleeve.

DIY Wool iPad Sleeve

Step 7.  Cut out a rectangle of the size similar to the size of flap side. Sew it on the front side of the flap.

Step 8. Glue a decorative felt tree on the front of the sleeve just below the end of the flap.

You are all done!

Happy crafting!

DIY Wool iPad Sleeve

DIY Wool iPad Sleeve





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