DIY Table Name Cards

Table name cards became an essential part of every wedding. and are widely used at different kinds of banquets and proms. If you want to control the seating of your guests and spare them an effort finding a free spot at the table use this essential wedding stationery.

I’d like to share the very basic and simple yet very elegant way of making a perfect table name card for your holiday.

What you wil need:

1. Piece of A4 color cardboard (from 1 piece you can make 2 cards)

2. Textile ribbon or twine

3. Eyelet puncher

4. Scissors or paper-knife

5. Candle

6. Metal ink marker 

Step 1. Take a piece of cardboard and cut it into two equal parts with the paper-knife or scissors. Bend one half of the cardboard in half at the longer side. The card will get the book-like shape.

Step 2. Punch two holes with the eyelet puncher at the side of the bend.

Step 3. Cut approximately 15 cm/6in of ribbon. To avoid its ends from  fraying it is necessary to burn them. Hold the ribbon over the candle flame just close enough to melt the ends of the ribbon.


Step 4. Feed the ribbon through the wholes as shown at the photo and tie a bow.

Step 5. Use a metalic ink marker to write the name of your guest at the card. Alternatively you can simply write the table number.

And that’s it. This is a great way to make cute table name cards for every holiday and fest.


For my holilday I have used the cardboard of two colors – purple and light pink and supplemented each card with the contrasting ribbon. Pink cards were used for female guests and purple cards for men.

In fact, playing with the material and type of your ribbon you can match these cards to any wedding theme.

Here are few quick examples for classic style wedding, nautical or coutry weddings:




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