DIY Rope Wrap Bracelet

It’s time to do a quick follow up to the Square Knot Bracelet tutorial and show you a really simple rope bracelet tutorial.

Here’s what you gonna need:


– Rope or a Cord of two colours

– 6mm end caps

– a clasp

– xtra strong glue

Step 1. Measure your wrist and the rope of the double length. My length was 18 in ( 45 cm)

Step 2. Fix the ends of the rope with thin strap of tape to seal it. Alternatively, you can wind around a thread.

Step 3. Put a drop of glue in the end caps and secure it on the end of the rope, covering the tape. Repeat from another side.

Step 4. Attach a clasp and the bracelet is done and ready.


This simple Rope Wrap Bracelet looks great with Square Knot Bracelet.



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