DIY Painted Mug | St. Valentine’s Gift Idea

We had The Things We Do Blog authors’ gather up recently. For some time already we wanted to paint a few mugs devoted to some holiday. Unfortunately, all that Christmas and New Year hustle kept us really busy and when we finally got together, we understood that we gonna prepare some St. Valentine’s mugs. So we each thought of an unconventional heart mug design and brought it to life.

Here’s how we did it:


– Glass mug

– Ceramic paint markers

– Scotch tape

Pixel Heart Mug by Lucy

Step 1. Draw a pixel heart pattern on a squared paper. Cut it out and fix it with the scotch tape on the inner side of the mug. For this mug a have drawn two pixel hearts for each side of the mug.

Step 2. Take a ceramic marker and follow the outlines of the pixel heart pattern.

Step 3. I used the ceramic markers, which require to bake the cups in the oven to fix the drawing. Please check out the instructions on the marker you use and follow them.

The pixel heart cup is ready! Here’s how it looks from both sides.

Ink Heart Mug by Jane

Jane is responsible illustratation posts of our blog.  She has chosen to make a splash-like design of the heart. The pattern is really quick to make – simply draw a blur heart from hand. Such painted mug will be great for passionate and creative personalities.

Dotted Heart Mug by Mari

If you don’t fancy drawing on outlines or drawing splash images, use this simple technique. Cut the heart stencil from paper and fix it at the inner side of the cup. This will be the area for your mug design. You can fill it with any form you like – dots, lines, triangles or event doodle. Mari has drawn a dotted heart on the glass mug and I think it looks great.



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