DIY Mirror Key Holder

Do you have a lot of keys in your hallway? Here`s an interesting way to orginize them by making a handy key holder from a wooden mirror.



– Wooden frame
– Mirror
– Coat hooks
– White acrylic paint
– Bronze acrylic paint
– Triangle ring hanger
– sand paper


Step 1. I have started from painting my wooden mirror frame with the white acrylic paint. My plan was to give it a vintage, a-la Provence look.  To do so, I took a piece of sand paper and gently scratched the painted frame. This gave my frame more texture.

Step 2. The coat hooks I found in the store were white and didn`t fit the design of the painted wooden frame. That is why I have bought a dark bronze acrylic paint and painted the hooks.

Step 3. As soon as the paint on the hooks dried out, I have attached them at the lower side of the mirror. You can either glue the hooks or screw them to the frame. I chose the second option.

Step 4. Since my mirror is quite wide, I have decided to use two hangers instead of one to prevent the key holder from scewing. Afterwards I have nailed the triangle ring hangers one inch from the top, so they won`t be visible.

Step 5. The last thing to do is to find the right place for the key holder and hang it there.

This is it! Now you can enjoy a beautiful mirror in your hallway combined with a functionable key rack.

You can use a photoframe instead of the mirror and place a nice picture or the photo of your dearest ones instead of the mirror. Hope you liked this tutorial. Cheers!



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