DIY Hallway Wall Organizer from a Shutter



My husband loves baseball hats. And since our hallway is not a big one they all get stashed in a pile in the wardrobe shelf. I thought it would be nice to organize the frequently worn headwear on some kind of the organizer. This would make a nice addition to the Mirror Key Holder. The easiest way is to use a shutter door for such purpose. The Internet is full of ideas of how to use a shutter door as a wall organizer ( Martha Stuart tutorial ), photos, cards or magazines holder or even as a jewelry display. I’ve adjusted these ideas for my needs and decided to use wall hooks as hat hangers.


– Shutter door. Size:

– Wall hooks

– Triangle ring hanger

– Screws

– Screw driver

– Cardboard or thick wall paper

Shutter Wall Organiser | Materials

Shutter Wall Organiser | Materials


Step 1. Mark the place for the hooks with the pencil and screw them into the shutter door.

Here’s how to screw the wall hooks into the wooden surface: Use a screw driver to screw the screw into the wood till it’s half length. Then screw it out carefully and screw in a wall hook.

Shutter Wall Organizer | Step 1


Step 2. Measure the length and width of the shutter door surface covered with planks. Then cut out the piece of a cardboard or other thick paper according to the measurements you get. I had the leftovers of nice green thick wallpaper, so I used it. Glue or duck tape the cardboard to the back side of the shutter. In this way we will prevent the small cards and notes from falling through the holes and getting lost.


Step 3. Nail the triangle ring hanger at the back side of the shutter

Step 4. Measure the distance between the ring hangers and place two screws in the wall. Hang the shutter and you’re done!

Enjoy the extra space for all the necessary things in your hallway: mail, bills, postcards, reminders, hats, jewelry or a dog leash.


Here are also few tips on how to attach stuff to such wall organizer:


1)  Hang it on the hooks

2) Use a paper clip

3) Use binder clip for bulky items

4) Simply stick behind the planks



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