DIY Chair Makeover

It’s time to share one of my old but nevertheless dear to my heart makeover projects. Some time ago we have been using an old chair which was quite shabby: the chair seat was really worn and its oversll look wasn’t really positive… So I came to the idea of giving this old chair a second chance and bringing it to life by reupholstering and giving it s new finish.


– Staple Gun

– Screwdriver

– Thick Cotton Fabric

– Transparent wood polish

Since the makeover steps may differ depending on the chair’s look and design,I’ll just go through the actions we took to make it over:

1. We have decided to remove the old dark finish with the sandpaper. To do so we had take the chair apart and prime it. That is when we saw the beautiful original wood color of this chair.

2. Since we loved the light color of the chair we have decided not to paint but simply to cover it with transparent polish.

3. While the polish was drying we have removed the old upholstery and staples from the frame

4. Afterwards, I took the old piece of textile from the chair cushion and back and used it as a pattern for cutting the new seat cushion.

5. Then we simply stappled the fabric around cushion and back of the chair.

6. The final step was to assemble the chair together.

Here are some pics of the chair makeover.




I really love how it turned up to be and must say it doesn’t really take much effort to change your old furniture. How the orange plaid chair fits our room style perfectly and brings lots of smiles and positive energy.

So take a look around and if you have a neglected old chair nearby – try to make it over!

Will be glad if you could share the photos in the comments.

See ya!



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