DIY April Fool Photo Props


The coffee shop in my neighborhood was celebrating one year of being in business on the 1, April. The guys asked me to think of a cheap and funny way to entertain their visitors on this day, keeping in mind that the 1, April is the April’s Fool Day. So I have offered to make fun photo props for them, so that coffee lovers could shoot funny pictures on their favorite spot’s holiday. Since we were a little short of time, I’ve decided not to invent the bicycle and after some googling decided to make a moustache, a beard, red lips, a couple of funny glasses and a speech bubble with the words “I love #coffee_kiosk”.

So below you can find a very quick and simple tutorial.


– cardboard or foam sheet

– color paper

– scissors

– duck tape

– glue

– chopsticks

I have sketched the talk bubble shapes alongside with the small heart and red lips.  And for glasses, moustache and beard shapes I have used the free pattern from here.

And below you can find the speech bubble, lips and heart pattern template, which I have sketched by hand:



Step 1 Print the templates and cut out the shapes.

Step 2 Trace the shapes with the pencil on the color paper and cut them out.

Step 3 Glue the shapes cut from the color paper to the cardboard or foam sheet and cut out again 🙂

Step 4 Use double sided tape (or glue) to attach chopsticks to the back of each prop.

Step 5 ( for speech bubble) For the coffee shop 1 year celebration we also needed a talk bubble saying ‘I <3 #coffee_kiosk’. So I used a blue marker to write ‘ I ‘ and ‘ #coffee_kiosk ‘ and glued the red cardboard heart in the middle of the phrase.





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