Cosy Ball Joined Dolls Photos by Greyeyed

Do you remember the post about ball joined animals my sister Mari (Greyeyed) wrote some time ago? Mari did some charming photos of these dolls in the spring forest.

Mari owns two bjd dolls herself – Mia ( Spiritdoll Liana ) and Martine (Doll Chateau Bella). People usually buy these dolls and afterwards create a unique look for them by adjusting a wig and sewing some clothes. Here is how the dolls’ look like, when they arrive to their owners. It’s like a blank piece of paper: bold head, empty eye sockets, pale face.

Mari has a series of her dolls photos, which I would love to share with you. So please meat Mia and Martine and their miniature, warm and poetic world:

Martine has long red hair and grey eyes. At the photo below she is wearing a white lace dress combined with heavy knit cardigan.

Mia is an ash blond with hazelnut eyes, her pixie haircut makes her look poetic and bohemian. 

Below you can find a selection of Martine and Mia’s photos in different locations and situations –  making a stroll across the spring and autumn forest, at the windy cold beach, beneath the Christmas tree, looking at the postcards or examinating the stones collection.


Hope you have enjoyed these lovely photos as much as I did.

For more photos check out Mari’s flickr.

Mari also owns an Etsy store, where she sells handmade clothes for BJD dolls. Feel free to check it out as well!



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