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Here comes my second attempt at concept art creating,  following this post about D&D character. This is Mage Ksardas’s team-mate,  Teleri, the eloquent bard.

Bard’s life story is no less extraordinary. He is the bastard son of an overly adventurous lusty elven bard and nobleman’s daughter. In order to save his daughter’s reputation, not to mention, the reputaton of the whole family, the nobleman gave the child away to the new-fangled daddy, along with the order not to show his face in these lands from now on. First baffled by this event, Teleri’s  father soon grew to like the child, since the boy was smart, curious and keen on learning the tricks of bard profession. Due to travelling lifestyle, the young Teleri developed a serious case of wanderlust.

The bard has light and easy-going personality, at the same time he’s canny, prone to overuse his wits and charm, rather than brute force to reach his goals and solve conflicts. He resembles his father in more ways than one – ladies are his biggest weakness. He often finds himself in awkward situations, caused by his numerous amorous adventures, so he never stays in one city for long. And since his life span is much longer than humans’, when meeting his ex lovers and maybe debt collectors, he introduces himself as his son. “It wasn’t me, it was the one armed man” (c) could possibly be his motto.

Following the basic description, I came up with close-up portrait sketches, showing bard’s features from different angles. The basic description given on character’s physical appearance was – long fair hair, european features, handsome, elven heritage visible, but not too expressive.

After scanning the sketch I coloured the sketch using my Wacom graphic tablet. My friend liked the result, but mentioned that bard looked too serene, so I made another portrait, giving the character more smug and cunning expression.


After finalizing the face I drew full-body sketch.

As usual, after checking proportions and scale, I coloured it using graphics editing program Adobe Photoshop. Here’s the final version.

So here he is, ready to rock! (Or rather, ready to folk, if to be more literal).

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