Christmas Citrus Garland


Here’s a quick idea for Christmas decoration which will add some warm, citrus  tint to the holiday mood.


– Grapefruit or Sicilian Orange, Lemon

– Cinnamon

– Needle

– Ribbon or packing twine

– Foil paper

Christmas Citrus Garland


Step 1. Slice lemons and grapefruits into 1/4 inches round slices.

Christmas Citrus Garland_Step 1


Step 2. Place the slices on a foil and dust it with cinnamon.


Step. 3 Wait for your slices to dry. You can either place them under the radiator for 2-3 days or simply put the slices into oven. Heat the oven to 170 C and leave th slices dry for a several hours. A opted for the first variant and in three days my citrus slices were dry.

Christmas Citrus Garland_Step 3,


Step 4. Take a packing twine with a needle and thread it through the citrus slices. I made two holes in each slice, so that each piece of citrus would hang without shifting.

Christmas Citrus Garland_Step 4

That’s it! You’re done.

Hang the citrus garland in the kitchen, where you will be baking the Christmas cookies, or next to the Christmas tree, where your family will gather to celebrate the Christmas Eve. Happy holidays!





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