Baby Harem Pants with Quilted Knee Pads


When baby Anna was turning 1, I’ve thought of sewing her a pair of comfy leggings or pants from thick jersey to wear during early spring. After some web surfing I’ve found really easy and intuitive harem pants pattern by Made by Toya. But since Anna would land on her knees a lot, I’ve decided to add denim knee pads for harems to last a bit longer.

Once you cut the harem pants parts, you can add knee pads. Here’s how.


– old jeans or denim fabric

Step 1.  Cut out 2 oval patches.  Mine were approximately 2×3 in without seam allowances.

Step 2. Machine stitch the patches with diagonal rows, as shown at the picture below. The first two rows should cross the center of the patch.


Step 3.  Fold the seam allowance and pin the patches to the knee area of harems.

Step 4. Straight stitch the knee patches.

Then, follow the Made by Toya instructions to finish your harem pants.

And here’s a close up of the patches. I love the combination of a denim with the striped jersey.

Anna also loves the harems I’ve made for her and they still fit her after a 6 months of wearing. I can see that she feels really comfortable in them and her moves are not restrained.




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