4 Ways to Wear Stripes

Do you like stripped clothes? I personally love it!

I have a variety of vertical and horizontal stripes tops, t-shirts, skirts and jackets that are firmly incorporated into my outfits. Nowadays, the first thing that comes to your mind when you see striped clothes is sea, marine, sailors and all that stuff. There’s no doubt that sripes look great in nautical style. But that’s not all…

You can include striped clothes into gypsy, chic or casual outfits.

1. Gypsy

‘Gipsy/gipsy’ is a common word used to indicate Romani people. Gypsy style in fashion is also called a Boho chic and is characterised by long, flowing maxi dresses, cut-off jeans, babushkas.and massive folk jewellery.

To my mind, the striped tank top looks really great with midi gathered skirt and black fedora hat. Flowered babushka scarf, leather backpack and sandals, cotton cuff bracelet and golden chandelier earrings complement the whole look.

  How To Wear Stripes
2. Chic
It’s not necessary to wear black classic dress to look smart. Make sure that the clothes you choose are sewn of natural textiles like silk, chiffon or cotton. Striped maxi silk skirt combined with white sleeveless silk shirt and satin kimono belt will make a perfect combination. To make the look complete add some yellow highlights: leather clutch and neon high-heel sandals. Black  vintage glasses will add playfulness to the whole outfit.

How To Wear Stripes


3. Nautical

Going for a walk to the sea side? Planning a yacht trip? Going to the picninc with friends? Wear stripes!

Try to avoid casual nautical style color combinations: dark blue with white. Try wearing yellow boat jacket with red striped cotton t-shirt, white chinos and yellow Toms. With this color combinations dark blue sailor duffle, cotton braided belt and knitted beanie will make a perfect  addition to the nautical look.

How To Wear Stripes

4. Casual

Jersey striped maxi dress can make a basis for a cute casual outfit. Wear a sleeveless floral biker jacket to add some edge to your look. Balance it with fucsia ballerinas, cherry pearl necklace and head wrap or a straw hat.

How To Wear Stripes. Casual

Take care and wear stripes!



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